Skeptic News: Curiosity conspiracy

Internet conspiracy theories begin over mystery blotch that appears on Mars rover photo – but then disappears two hours later.

The faint but distinctive dot which can be seen on the horizon of the Red Planet was taken by a device on the $2.5 billion robot called its Hazcam and relayed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter back to Earth. However, two hours later when the satellite made another pass over Curiosity, the rover sent another batch of images that revealed that the blotch had disappeared.

The most prominent reason discussed online for the mysterious blot is that Curiosity managed to photograph over the course of 200 milliseconds the crash-landing of the spacecraft that carried the rover to the Martian surface.

However, one engineer working on the project told the LA Times that ‘would beĀ an insane coincidence’ and that the shape on the horizon was most likely dirt on the lens.

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