Skeptic News: Big Cat sighted in Carlisle

On Saturday, Raymond Sant and his wife Vera were driving from their home in Thursby towards Asda, Carlisle when they spotted what they believe was a panther.

As they drove along the new bypass, close to a wooded area beside the supermarket, Mr Sant caught a glimpse of a mysterious large black cat. Sant insists that:

“It looked to me very much like a panther. It was the size of a labrador, but wasn’t a labrador, and had a much longer tail.”

While Mr Sant did not see its head, he is adamant he knows what he saw. He said:

“I’m a perfectly rational person. I don’t believe in UFOs and spaceman and that sort of thing. I was sceptical before, but I know what I saw; I’m not someone to lie or make things up.”

The sighting comes hot on the heels of a similar report at Hoddom, near Annan, recently.

The myth of the roaming big cats can divide any group of people, with sightings of black pumas, leopards, jaguars and lynx being reported every week. While the south west of England and Scotland are the most notorious for the unexplained creatures, there have been other sightings in Cumbria.

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