Skeptic News: NY Numerology killer?

20120806-161136.jpgBrooklyn shopkeepers are on alert after cops linked two storeowners’ murders to the same gun and suggested the killer might be using numerology to choose his targets.

Isaac Kadare’s store at 1877 86th St., where he was killed last Thursday, and Mohammed Gebeli’s shop at 7718 Fifth Ave., where he was found dead July 6, both have addresses using the same three numbers — a fact that has workers shaken.

“That’s really scary,” said Citlali Amigon, 29, who manages the Panaderia La Autentica bakery at 1878 86th St.

“It’s frightening. I’m really worried. . . . I tell my boss, ‘Maybe I’m next,’ God forbid,” said Jamie Hazim, 55, who manages the Designs Plus Furniture Showroom across the street from Kadare’s store at 1874 86th St.

“We have a close number to the addresses he has targeted. I wonder what the numbers mean to him,” she said.

But detectives, while not ruling out the numerology theory, pointed out other links: Both targeted shops lacked surveillance cameras and were hit at closing time when the shopkeepers were alone.

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  1. Randy says:

    Two data points isn’t much to make a pattern with. But let’s suppose it continues.

    Gangs refer to murder as 187 (originating in California’s Penal Code). This association between 187 and murder has been popularized in music and film.

    I guess technically it’s numerology to use the digits in the code to match up to digits in victim’s addresses, but it seems so narrow for such a broad term.

    I wonder what such addresses would look like on a NYC map. Plaid? Mondrian? And is it worth telling people that this particular murderer kills based on address digits, when NYC has in the range of 500 murders per year anyway that aren’t based on address digits?

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