Skeptic News: Doomsday group charging $5000 for spot in end-of-the-world bunker

A 2012 doomsday group is charging $5000 for admission to a survival bunker in the northern NSW hills of Australia.

According to the group, which describes itself as a “survival community”┬áthe global community will face massive earthquakes, shifts in the Earth’s poles and devastating solar flares this year.

Group organiser, NSW refrigeration mechanic Simon Young, said the entry fee went towards concrete and other materials to construct the bunker, believed to be in mountains near Tenterfield. The group points to Egyptian texts, Bible passages and a frozen mammoth as evidence the world will undergo massive physical change around December 21.

When asked about the bunker project, set to be 1.2km above sea level to avoid predicted catastrophic sea events, Mr Young said he believed it was the best chance of survival.

Scientists worldwide have refuted 2012 doomsday claims, saying nothing will happen to the Earth this year.



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