Skeptic News: Nessie sighted

Nessie hunter George Edwards took the picture while taking tourists out on his boat Nessie Hunter IV. He said the mysterious dark hump moved slowly across the water the towards Urquhart Castle – the scene of many Nessie sightings.

The Loch Ness monster, often reputed to be a hardy plesiosaur surviving long past its extinct relatives, has been subject of sightings and reports since it was brought to the world’s attention in 1933. Though the earliest report of a monster associated with Loch Ness appears in the Life of St. Columba by Adomnán written in the 7th century. Which recounts the saints encounter with a mysterious beast somewhere on the River Ness.

George Edwards, a veteran monster hunter who has been searching for the creature for 26 years and spends up to 60 hours a week on the loch, took the picture of a dark hump in the water near Urquhart Castle at Drumnadrochit at 9am last November, but sent it for analysis in the United States before publishing it today.

He said:

“It was slowly moving up the loch towards Urquhart Castle and it was a dark grey colour. It was quite a fair way from the boat, probably about half a mile away.”

In our opinion the photo looks like a wake in the water or could perhaps be that less monstrous of creatures a large grey seal.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Nessie sighted

  1. Paul Braterman says:

    We can’t have ONE monster. We need a breeding group. And they’re mortal. And their bones would wash up on the beach, and the corpses would stink the place out.

    I can only conclude that the monsters are etherial in nature, and exist on a different plane of reality.

  2. bill turnbull says:

    The Sun article linked apparently misquotes Edwards. The photo is attributed to Cascade News which quotes him as saying he was coming back from searching for an old steam engine. Sun states that he was coming back with a load of tourists. If there were tourists, where are their pictures? It appears to be implied in the Cascade piece that he saw it for some (unspecified) time. He didn’t have time to get more than one shot? He didn’t try to get closer to get a better image?

    I can only conclude on the information presented that it’s stuff and poppycock. Look at the millions of pounds of free advertising generated (vis: YAHOO breathelessly proclaims “Man captures Loch Ness monster – in photo”, etc., plenty of reason to be skeptical, shy evidence to be convinced.

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