Skeptic News: Black magic president?

A former first lady of Brazil has told how her ex-husband carried out black magic rituals in their home while he was president of the country to gain protection from his political enemies.

Rosane Collor alledges that former Brazilian president Fernando Collor de Mello took part in the rituals in the basement, some involving animal sacrifice, of their Brasília mansion. The rituals were led by a Brazilian shaman who has since become an evangelical Christian.

Ms Collor said her husband would isolate himself in the basement for up to three days wearing white robes. As part of the rituals, chickens and cattle were sacrificed in cemeteries, though not at the family home. Ms Collor said her former husband was seeking political protection from the rituals.

“Because he believed that people wished harm on him, doing this, the harm people sent to him would rebound,”

Accusations of black magic rituals taking place in the presidential home have also been made by Collor’s estranged brother, Pedro Collor, in 1992.

Collor was the first president directly elected by the people after the end of the Brazilian military government and left office in a failed attempt to avoid impeachment.

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