Skeptic News: Big Cat Sighting in Cumbria

A couple claim to have spotted a mysterious panther-like big cat while on holiday in the Lakes.

Retired couple, Howard and Lesley Anderton, were on the B5278 north of Flookburgh in Cumbria on Tuesday when they claim to have seen a “monstrous” cat crossing the road in front of their car.

Mr Anderton, from Wigan, said:

“We both immediately said it was a panther – a black panther – which, of course, seems ridiculous in Cumbria. We only saw it for about two seconds. It wasn’t running or anything, it was just walking cat-like across the road and disappeared into the woodland on the left hand side. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a photograph because it was only there for a couple of seconds and then it was gone.”

Cumbria police has received more than 40 reported “big cat” sightings since 2003, but no irrefutable evidence has ever been produced.

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