Skeptic News: Spiritual healer kills cousin

An Algerian exorcist practicing spiritual healing locked up his cousin for 10 days in his room until she died, saying he was ordered to do so by jinn (spirit) to leave her body.

The 42 year old husband of the healer, known as Raqi, called him in to exorcise his wife of an evil spirit that he claimed she had told him was possessing her.

Raqi told his cousin’s husband that his wife has been forced to marry a jinn from Sudan for nearly 14 years and that the jinn keeps getting into her body and leaving back home. He then decided to keep her at his home for treatment until he manages to expel the jinn out of her body. The healer is quoted as saying:

“One night I woke up and heard the jinn in her room…I went in and the jinn told me to wash him so he can leave her body…he also asked me to wash my cousin, I washed her and left her in the room for 10 days….police then came to my home and I tried to stop them by summoning jinn…some of them were scared off but others stormed the room and found my cousin dead.”

It is reported that the healer now faces 20 years in prison.

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