Skeptic News: Swiss Crop Circles

Police in eastern Switzerland were left scratching their heads on Thursday as a new set of crop circles appeared in a wheat field near Schaffhausen.

Three circles, forming a large “Venn diagram” have been created in a field near the railway crossing between Guntmadingen and Löhninge overnight.

The damage to the wheat field caused by the crop circles is estimated at several hundred francs. The police are looking for anyone who might have seen the mysterious mowers at work. This is the second circle discovered in the region in the past week and police are now calling for witnesses to come forward.

Many believe that aliens and their craft are responsible for crop circles however the explanation is much more mundane. Teams of crop circlers operate late at night to flatten out crops in preplanned patterns to spook locals.

There is even a wiki how explaining how to go about it.

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