Skeptic News: Creationists to open Free school

20120714-152855.jpgA free school run by creationists is among more than 100 approved by the Government to open next year.

The evangelical Everyday Champions Church first proposed a free school that would teach creationism as a valid scientific theory last year. This bid was rejected but a bid from members of the church, without official backing, has been accepted.

Backers say the school in Newark, Nottinghamshire, Exemplar academy will only teach creationism in RE and will not be formally designated a faith school. The government says the school will be banned from teaching creationism in the science class.

Whether this remains the case ┬áremains to be seen. proponents of creationism are known to support a “wedge” strategy to propagate their ideas.

As well as this non-faith “faith” school there are plans to allow Steiner schools to open under Goves free school plans. With the first expected to open in Frome in Somerset.

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