Skeptic News: Beware of fake healers

Officials in Zambia have issued a warning against fake healers operating in Lusaka City.

Pamphlets have been appearing in Lusaka city advertising traditional healing for a variety of ailments, illnesses and diseases:

 “Do you want to increase your sex drive, bring back lost love, vagina tightening, boost your hips, enlarge your penis, manage premature ejaculation, treatment of HIV and other STIs? Dr Mama Rita’s Clinic has the answer for you”.

People are often sceptical of such flyers due  to a number of fake traditional healers who operate in the area however some people do find themselves taking in by the promises on the flyers. Herbalists and healers offer all manner of treatments including illegal love portions that are being sold on the black market. The healers herbs are said to assist in improving breast enlargement, increasing one’s sexual drive, penis enlargement, vagina tightening, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), fertility problems, and premature ejaculation, having an easy birth and fortifying new-born babies, bringing back lost lovers, revenge, job promotions, and riches among others.

The authorities have yet to step in and releasing guidelines to protect the unsuspecting public from being poisoned or killed by unknown herbs.

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