Skeptics News: Mormon Sect bury Kitten alive in concrete

A live cat was found recently half-buried in concrete, and the man who rescued the kitten believes it was a message from a pro-polygamy religious group.

The cat was discovered encased in concrete at the home of Isaac Wyler, a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FDLS), at his home in Colorado City, Arizona.

The FDLS is one of the largest fundamentalist Mormon denominations and split from the Church of the Latter Day Saints over their suspension of the practice of polygamy and its decision to excommunicate its members who would continue the practice. The sect believe that a man must have three wifes to get into heaven and a number of members have been convicted of abusing their spiritual wifes who were aged between 15 and 16. The FLDS Church is estimated to have 10,000 members and was formerly led by Warren Jeffs who is convicted of two counts of child sexual abuse and is currently serving life plus twenty years in Palestine Texas.

The church believes that women should be subordinate to their husbands and in general, women are not allowed to cut their hair short or wear makeup, pants, or any skirt above the knees. It has been reported by former members that the FLDS Church has excommunicated more than 400 teenage boys for offenses such as dating or listening to rock music. Some former members claim that the real reason for these excommunications is that there are not enough women for each male to receive three or more wives. Six men, aged 18 to 22, filed a conspiracy lawsuit against Jeffs and Sam Barlow, a former Mohave County deputy sheriff and close associate of Jeffs, for a “systematic excommunication” of young men to reduce competition for wives.

The church is considered a hate group because of it’s views on race. Former leader Warren Jeffs is quoted as saying:

 “the black race is the people through which the devil has always been able to bring evil unto the earth.”

The Cat was discovered on Issac Wyles property, who is a former member of the sect and critic of it’s practices, by another former member Andrew Chatwin who believes that the cruel act was done by members of his former church and claims both threats and animal killings have been going on for years.

Chatwin reported the incident to Colorado City sheriffs but they didn’t seem too concerned:

“[The officer] kind of chuckled and laughed a little bit and then he said that if it was up to him, he’d just throw dirt on [the cat],” Chatwin said. “And this is coming from a city marshall who’s a member of the FLDS Church.”

Chatwin describes the government of Colorado City, formerly Short Creek, as a theocracy.

The cat was taken to a rescue sanctuary where it died a few days later.

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0 Responses to Skeptics News: Mormon Sect bury Kitten alive in concrete

  1. Alice says:

    My computer’s having a hissy fit with its wireless again and the link led me to the video for about 0.0000000000000001 seconds, then redirected me back to the Huffington Post’s homepage. So I’m going to skip the skeptical searching and ask the important question – is the kitten all right now? 😮

  2. The kitten died shorty after being rescued.

  3. Alice says:

    ….now sees the last paragraph.

  4. Seldon says:

    What? Why would…how…what? No! It’s a kitten, what the hell? I mean they can at least pretend to justify the other crazy…stuff through their religion, but torturing and killing a kitten? Who could do something like that?

    And then I realize this article answered that very question. Wow.

  5. Keep it clean? Be nice? Sorry, I’m just choking on the profanities that rise up my throat. These are sick people. The fact that they find other sick people to share their sickness with just horrifies me. Now I shall go and scream those profanities into the night. Use your imagination and you’ll know what I’m saying.

  6. SDM says:

    It’s even worse than that. The authorities *laughed* over this. Any takers on the bet that this won’t be even vaguely investigated? I hope this story goes the rounds all over the net. Let the world know what kind of monsters live in Colorado City.

  7. Tim Riches says:

    Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be a frame-up. I understand that emotions run high with this topic, but I think we can all agree that the FLDS is at the very least a fundamentalist, biblical-literalist cult, and even this atheist can think of a few scriptures against this kind of barbarism toward ‘god’s creatures’.

    No, I’m not romanticizing religious fundamentalism, or ascribing a heightened moral sense to the religious. I’m looking at it from a slightly different perspective, that’s all. Fundies tend to walk the walk, that’s all I’m pointing out. Perhaps the two apostates did this and blamed it on the group in order to raise outrage against them. I would not describe someone who grew up in such an environment as being stable, and when they are kicked out and lose everyone they know, plus their ‘salvation’, it must be mighty tempting to strike back at the community that ousted them.

    Again, I’m just raising a possibility, and would not be surprised to find out the FLDS people are indeed responsible. However, as a former cult member myself who speaks out against the group I belonged to for my formative years, I can easily imagine someone less stable than myself doing something horrendous and justifying it as a ‘tar and feathers’ operation.

    Apologies if I’ve upset anyone emotionally invested in the idea that the guilty party must necessarily be the religious nutbags.

  8. Scott says:

    The FLDS church is also involved in honor killings. Read Jon Krakauer’s book Under the Banner of Heaven. They’re freaking psychos.

  9. cactusren says:

    @ Tim Riches

    I understand you’re trying to not jump to conclusions, and that’s fine. However, I don’t think the fact that fundamentalists “walk the walk” in any way precludes them from doing this. There is an attitude among Christian fundamentalists, based on the creation story in Genesis, that God granted Man dominion over the animals. Essentially, they think it’s fine for people to do whatever they want to animals, because we’re “superior” to them (to be fair, I’m not sure if this is common for LDS).

    Also, plenty of religions justify the killing and torture of other people through holy wars, inquisitions, etc. It’s easier to rationalize doing terrible things if you think it’s what God wants you to do.

    So while I think it’s fine we don’t jump to conclusions, I see no reason to rule out religious fundamentalists as the perpetrators in this case.

  10. MNb says:

    Didn’t Jesus the Nazarene do something similar to a herd of swines?
    Matth 8:32.

  11. MNb says:

    Didn’t Jesus the Nazarene do something similar to a herd of swines?
    Matth. 8:32

  12. Les says:

    I think I know what profanities you’re talking about, Darwin Harmless. I’m pretty sure they’re the same ones I’d like to use right now. I have recently become a first time cat owner and it literally made me cry to read this because it makes me think about him. I love him so much after only a few months. I just don’t understand how anyone who calls themselves a human being can do something like that. And screw the cops, if anyone tried it with my little guy, I’m pretty sure I’d end being the one in jail.

  13. Will says:

    What a wonderful world it would be without religion.

  14. Tim Riches says:

    @ cactusren: Good points. The more I thought about this today, the less convinced I was about my comment. I now agree that it should be taken at face value, and can only hope there is some form of payback now that it has become a public matter. This definitely has ‘viral’ written all over it. Ceiling cat is not amused.

  15. Al says:

    No wonder the Romans threw these scum to lions. We should bring that back…..

  16. Geysur says:

    I truly hope the P.O.S. that did this suffers extremely for his actions. I hope the humane society really does investigate this fully and is not scared off by these low life scum bags who hide behind their so called religion. What a bunch of chicken s–t cowards! The comment made by the sheriff (or whatever he is) shows what a low life he is also and should be immediately removed from office.

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