Skeptic News: Psychic on trail of missing dog

The desperate owners of a missing jack russell have turned to a psychic to help find their furry companion.

The nine year old Jack Russell named Claude ran off his lead on the 24 of June sparking a large scale dog hunt in Bacchus Marsh, Australia.

Claude was a rescue dog who had been severely abused by his previous owners and was en-route to his new owners home in Melbourne when he ran away during a pit stop at Bacchus Marsh.

Claudes new owners are distraught and have even enlisted the help of psychics to attempt to track down the missing hound.

Pet Psychics such as the “internationally renowned” Pet Psychic Edwina have put out calls on their websites and facebook pages stating that they are searching for the dog. A missing pet consultation will set you back 35 of your Australian dollars.

Forever Friends Animal Rescue president Saskia Adams said she was devastated after hearing Claude was missing:

“I have fostered over 50 dogs in the last few years and Claude’s past abuse is worse than any I have ever had in my care. We want a happy ending for him more than any dog we have rescued in the last 18 months.”

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