Skeptic News: Homeopaths without borders in Sri Lanka

20120706-180810.jpgThe Sri Lankan representative for Homeopaths without Borders ’ has made an appeal to the President to make use of homeopathic remedies to combat the dengue fever epidemic.

Joe De Livra claims to have cured many patients who were “close to death” with his remedies. There remains no scientific evidence that homeopathy works or can have any impact what-so-ever in the treatment of dengue fever.

This did not stop the major of Colombo convening a meeting with the Homeopathic Association of Sri Lanka and arranging for four camps to be setup within the city to “combat” the disease.

1,000 patients have since been “treated” by the camps.

De Livra has previously been mentioned in a Daily Express editorial that expressed distrust in pharmaceutical drugs and medical care. In which he claims people have been “brainwashed” into a “pill popping culture”.

Who knows how many lives De Livras efforts to push Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c as an effective treatment may end up costing?

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