Skeptic News: Creation museum funding fail

20120705-204112.jpgThe Creation Museum, in Petersburg KY, has suffered a set back in it’s attempts to raise funds for it’s planned Ark themed park.

The creation museum displays the story of the Earth as depicted in the bible and among the odd exhibits are humans and dinosaurs living together.

The museum had planned to build a 500ft long and 80ft high model of Noah’s Ark set in 800 acres of parkland forty minutes drive away. However these plans are currently on the rocks (or should that be mountain?) as fundraising for the project has proved problematic.

Originally the project was due to start construction in 2011 but that date has been pushed further and further back. Now the group do not even have a proposed date to begin construction. The park requires at least another $20 million dollars before they can even think of breaking ground.

To add to the museums woes visitor numbers at the Creation Museum are also falling. Last fiscal year they reported around half as many visitors as they received in their opening year.

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