Skeptic News: Creationism grows in Brazil

20120704-081038.jpgBelief in Creationism, the religious belief that God created the world and all life in it, is growing in Brazil.

Over the last seven years, as Brazil’s population has grown and been getting richer, people have started rejecting the Catholic church in favour of the Evangelicals. This has led to a rise in creation beliefs. A rise that has been welcomed by the Question Evolution campaign.

In 2004, Governor Rosinha Garotinho (a/k/a Rosinha Mateus) of Rio de Janeiro ordered that public schools in Rio would start teaching creation science as well as evolution. When the general public were surveyed nine years later only nine percent of their sample accepted the strict naturalistic view of human origin. Fifty-four percent accepted old-earth creation, the idea that man appears millions of years ago but changed only as God said he would change. Thirty-one percent accepted young-earth creation. Furthermore, 89 percent of the sample agreed with what Governor Garotinho did. 75 percent of the sample even said that creation should replace evolution in the schools.

Brazil could become a major source of support and funding for the creationist and young Earth creationist movements in years to come.

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