Skeptic News: Unusual tomb discovery

On June 13, relatives of U Mg Gyi, a well-known jeweller in the area who died 24 years ago, opened the family tomb to discover his body had grown hair, a beard and eyebrows.

The discovery in Myanmar has prompted many residents of Mandalay to visit the corpse and see the reportedly new hair growth. A relative of the deceased is reported as saying:

“There are 18 of our relatives buried in this tomb. When my uncle, U Mg Gyi, died at 80 years old, we shaved his moustache and beard and entombed him in it. Now, when we reopened it, we found that he had grown hair. It is very strange so people came to see it. We had to leave the body in the tomb because there were so many people,”

Hair and fingernails can appear to grow after death as our bodies dehydrate and our skin shrinks and tightens, pulling away from the hair and nails, creating an illusion of growth. Funeral parlours sometimes use moisturiser to lessen these effects. Whether this has happened in this case, or if these effects could be seen 24 years later, is unclear as the reports of the incident do not mention the specifics of the burial location. But this does seem a possible explanation.

Linzingone Cemetery is well known as the last resting place for many monks and Chinese, as well as what is reputed to be the tomb of a Thai king and historian Dr Than Tun.

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