Skeptic News: "Possessed" man beats up mother

A man was beaten up by a crowd, in the Indian state of Gujarat, after he broke two teeth of his mother in a fit of frenzy claiming that he was possessed by the devil.

The incident occurred in Dubey Ka Bagicha near Vallabh Nagar late Saturday night. The accused was identified as Lucky, a middle-aged man and the victim as Rampyari Bai. Police intervened to rescue the man from the crowds but did not arrest him.

Neighbours entered Lucky and Rampyari Bais house after they heard loud cries and discovered Lucky beating her who was found was found to be bleeding as two of her teeth were broken.

The police were called but did not arrest Lucky on account of his possession. Reading between the lines it sounds like Lucky may not have been possessed but may in fact have some mental health issues. Incidents such as this could perhaps be avoided where there better awareness of mental health issues, access to mental health services and support for families and less superstition attached to aberrant behaviour.

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