Skeptic News: Did Black Magic win it for Spain?

Spain did not just have the backing of a nation when they went into the Euro 2012 final against Italy in Kiev on Sunday, but also alledgedly called on support from the spirit world.

In claims similar to Uri Gellers famous claim to having assisted England in beating Scotland at Euro 96 a Cuban traditional Babalawo priest in Madrid, Frank Alfaro, prayed to  the god Orula for a Spanish victory.

A voodoo priestess also cursed Italian goalkeeper Buffon using a voodoo doll and prayed  for his opposite number, Spanish ‘keeper Iker Casillas, and performed rituals she was convinced would help Spain’s players, including burning cards of the Italian players and lighting a spirit flame. She stated:

“We light up fire so that they won’t see anything, to make them blind so they won’t be able to see the ball, so that Spain wins. I didn’t do anything wrong, I only made Spain win and made them (Italy) go home,”

Spain trounced Italy 4-0 in the final. But perhaps this is evidence that we are seeing the “golden generation” of Spanish football: an amazing team of world class players who are simply better than everyone else.

Did black magic win it for Spain? No.

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