Skeptic News: Dancers possessed

An Indonesian student exhibition of traditional Indonesian dances in Mataram took a ghastly turn on Saturday as some dancers fainted and others screamed and yelled, claiming they were possessed by spirits.

The dancers “possession” occurred after they had performed traditional Papuan, Dayak, Minangkabau and Sumbawa dances in a national commemoration of the 2012 Family Day. The Vice President of Indonesia his wife and several cabinet members witnessed the incident.

The students were dancing under the sun in the middle of a field at Mataram’s old Selaparang Airport and after the “possession” teachers took the children to hospital. Where they were treated for exhaustion, after having been left to wait in the sun too long, as well as possession.

This is the latest in a recent run of possession stories coming out of Indonesia all involving high school students. It seems likely that some form of mass hysteria is at work.


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