Skeptic News: Business as usual for UK homeopaths?

The Homeopathy Action Trust has announced that it has received assurances that the status quo regarding licensing and provision of homeopathic medicines will remain.

They report that on the 27 June, representatives from the homeopathy profession, together with two MPs supportive of homeopathy, met with senior Ministers from the Department of Health (DoH) to discuss our concerns in relation to section 10 of the revised, consolidated Medicines Act. They report that in this meeting they were assured that:

the DoH remains committed to supporting patient choice, and ensuring that patient access to homeopathy remains unrestricted.

They also report that they have received several pro-forma responses from MPs assuring them of the MHRAs position:

The MHRA is not seeking to restrict current homeopathic provision, or alter the established supply routes to our homeopathic medicines. The status quo will remain in place, and enforcement of the new ‘Human Medical Regulations 2012′ will be applied at the same level as it has been for the last forty four years.

These responses would seem to indicate that reports of the demise of homeopathy in the UK have been greatly exaggerated. If skeptics want to see the air guitar of medicine banished to the dustbin of nonsense quackery where it belongs they may have to up their game.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Business as usual for UK homeopaths?

  1. Guy Chapman says:

    The status quo is that most of their trade is illegal. It sounds as if it will continue to be illegal, but that the DoH has no plans to enforce the law any more after the change than before.

    The DoH does not enforce the law. They do not have the power to decide not to enforce the law. That is up to others.

    We can continue to press for the law to be enforced, and in particular we should ensure that any licensed pharmacy that is illegally selling unlicensed products is reported to the GPhC. I do not think the GPhC will be quite so sanguine about their members acting illegally as the homeopaths seem to think.

  2. Munawar says:

    Will the lawmakers ignore 6 million people, the users of homoeopathy in the country ??

  3. Had the homeopaths complied with the law, they had plenty of time to do so, those 6 million people who believe in homeopathy would not have been affected.

    Unless the MHRA demanded evidence that it worked. Then they would be denied the magic water.

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