Skeptic News: Alternative therapy kills

20120630-180351.jpgIn Perth, Australia, an alternative treatment offered for cancer has killed four patients.

Deputy State Coroner Evelyn Vicker investigated the deaths of Sandra McCarty, Pia Bosso, Sandra Kokalis, Deborah Gruber, and Carmelo Vinciullo. Four cancer patient whoall undertook an alternative cancer therapy at Kathi Preston Memorial Health Centre – which operated a “clinic” out of a Dr Boyd’s home in 2005.

The treatment, invented by Austrian doctor Hellfried Sartori involved an IV High pH Cancer Therapy, using a range of substances including caesium, the industrial solvent DMSO, and laetrile – all of which are potentially toxic.

Sartori hid his criminal record in order to practice in Australia after losing his medical license in several US states for previous involvement in AIDS and cancer cure scams.

Sartori told the inquest he believed that it was treatment the patients received under proper medical supervision that killed them.

Sartori has failed to save at least 24 patients in Australia alone and may faces charges.

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