Skeptic News: Scientology Schism

20120629-192222.jpgSeveral high profile members of the church of Scientology have reportedly left the organisation over the past few weeks.
Those who have reportedly left Scientology include L.Ron Hubbards grand daughter, Roanne Leake, David Miscaviges father, Ron Snr. and former church executive Debbie Cook

Cook had run the groups Clearwater spiritual headquarters for 17 years she left the church after sending a controversial email condemning the churches aggressive money raising tactics and other practices. The church responded to Cook’s email by suing her and Baumgarten in civil court in San Antonio, asking a judge to enforce $50,000 nondisclosure contracts and award at least $300,000 in damages.

This move backfired for the church as Cook testified to:

being physically abused by church staffers at Miscavige’s direction and held against her will for seven weeks with other Sea Organization officers in a locked and guarded building at the church’s campus outside Los Angeles.

She said she also witnessed church staffers beat up and taunt their peers while demanding confessions of wrongdoing.

The Village Voice, long a vocal critic of Scientology, has reported that Leake (L.Rons grand daughter) left Scientology two months ago and that about a month earlier she was preceded by Ron Sr. and his wife, Becky. All three are long term scientologists but as of yet it is not yet known what caused them to turn their back on the organisation.

The Village Voice also reports thatjJust this week, Wendy Honnor, a well-known Australian Scientologist and former winner of the Freedom Medal of the International Association of Scientologists, dramatically announced her own defection and cited Debbie Cook’s e-mail as a major reason for it.

2012 has been quite a bad year for scientologists and some believe that alongside these high profile defections overall numbers are also dwindling.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Scientology Schism

  1. Graham Woodruffe 7 Range Court Mullaloo WA 6027 Australia says:

    The CULT of Scientolgy is a complete crock of S…, scientologist are the biggest con men that ever walked gods earth scientologists should be prosecuted, and prevented from ever again pedaling their evil beliefs in Australia, and I challenge any scientologists to come knocking on my door and I will tell them so to their faces, BAN scientology now, and make a start by banning it in our state of WA.

  2. scientologists says:

    Scientologists will not be mocked, we have long memories and bide our time, we may remain silent for a time, but re-appear when you least expect, STOP TELLING LIES ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY.

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