Skeptic News: The Bishop and the Vaccine

20120627-150336.jpgCalgary bishop’s HPV vaccine ban putting thousands of girls at risk.

A 2008 edict from Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary and other Alberta bishops states that the HPV vaccine promotes promiscuity means that Calgary is the only major city in Canada with a publicly funded school board that withholds the vaccine on religious grounds.

A new group, comprising of Doctors and ethicists, has been formed to attempt to remedy this an potentially save lives.

HPV Calgary state that the city government have:

“They have delegated their decision making to a non-elected official without expertise in evidence-based medicine or public health.”

Social conservatives oppose the vaccine, arguing it promotes promiscuity and implicitly condones premarital sex.

In 2007, Ottawa provided a grant so that school-aged girls could be vaccinated for free; Alberta followed suit. But at least eight religious boards in the province still bar the vaccine from being administered on school grounds. Outside the province, only two school boards are believed to have taken such a stance.

Vaccination advocates said studies have found no correlation between the HPV vaccine and increased promiscuity.

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