Skeptic News: Ireland's only homeopathic pharmacy closes

20120627-104326.jpgIrelands only dedicated homeopathic pharmacy is closing.

This coming Saturday Nelsons Homeopathic Dispensary, which has been trading for 20 years, is to close it’s doors for the last time.

The Dublin store carried around 2,000 “remedies” and is part of Nelsons, the UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products. Their only other store, in London, will remain open and products will be available in other health stores after the closure.

Assistant manager Lisa O’Gorman stated:

“There are certain economic factors as well, obviously the recession has affected us like everybody else. Rents are huge on this side of town and they don’t really want to get into committing to another lease.”

The shops closure leaves eight unemployed and O’Gorman says takes the public face of homeopathy out of Ireland.

“A lot of people’s first introduction to homeopathy was coming here so it’s sad . . . there is the advice element too where people could come in and talk to a homeopath.”

The move is not thought to be down to UK and EU laws on homeopathy and licensing being consolidated that would make many Homeopathic remedies unlicensed and illegal.

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