Skeptic News: face to face with measles

20120627-084138.jpg There were many parents who came to mistrust the safety of the MMR vaccine and believe measles to be a harmless childhood disease. Here is one of their stories.

As reported in the Worcester news Zoe Hayes is one of thousands and thousands of mothers who got a bit frightened by scare stories of a link between the MMR vaccination and autism. One of the thousands and thousands who believed measles was nothing more than a harmless childhood disease. But when measles confronts you with your five-year-old daughter streaming blood from her nose and mouth, it is hard to think of it as harmless or anything other than a particularly nasty little disease. The research leading to making parents believe MMR caused autism has been widely criticised and condemned. As has the media coverage that fuelled the MMR hoax. It’s worth reading about stories like Zoe’s in order that we remember that by neglecting to vaccinate our children a potentially lethal disease has surfaced in our country again.

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  1. Wikipedia: “Complications with measles are relatively common, ranging from relatively mild and less serious diarrhea, to pneumonia, Otitis media and acute encephalitis (and rarely subacute sclerosing panencephalitis,or SSPE); corneal ulceration leading to corneal scarring”

    with a death rate of 3 per 1,000 cases.

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