Skeptic News: Minnesota chiropractors disciplined

10 chiropractors were disciplined by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners in the 12 months ending in May.

Scott M. Arneson was evicted from his rented clinic space and his license was suspended for not contacting patients regarding prepaid treatments. Adam J. Burke inflated patient income figures to allow them to qualify for treatment, falsified home ownership records as well as not obtaining patient signatures. Burke R. Mays, St. and Bryan W. Edwards, were suspended for not paying taxes due. David J. Schornstein attempted to circumnavigate a prior suspension by using a false name. Gary L. Smith was suspended for failing to sufficiently document the reasons for “neurodiagnostic testing” on six patients.

Though more shocking are the cases of Daniel W. Belde and Terrence J. Murphy.

Belde was fined $2000 for repeatedly hugging a female patient, telling another he found her very attractive and flirting with patients and staff generally. He also charged patients twice the going insurance rate for procedures and filed insurance claims for treatments that would have taken place while he was on holiday.

In 1998, Murphy spent extended sessions behind closed doors with a 17-year-old female client, invited the client to his home and drove her to Wisconsin for a paintball game. He told a female staff member about sexually explicit activities he had participated in on a road trip. In addition to this he failed to disclose a 2004 conviction for child pornography when applying for his license. He was fined $10000 and is required to complete a course on appropriate sexual behaviour.

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