Skeptic News: Energy healer wants to heal Jack Osbourne

AN “ENERGY healer” who is said to have cured dancer Michael Flatley from a mystery virus that confined him to a chair for three years has offered to help TV star Jack Osbourne overcome multiple sclerosis.

The 26 year old son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis an inflammatory disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of thebrain and spinal cord are damaged. A disease for which there is currently no known cure.

However an energy healer, Michael O’Doherty, who has a clinic in London, has offered to treat Jack and any other MS sufferers who are determined to overcome the effects of the condition. O’Doherty claims that if the mitochondria, the battery of cells in the body, become dysfunctional this increases symptoms associated with MS. He says channelling energy to power the mitochondria and using nutrition to strengthen their function gives patients a better quality of life.

We would hope that Mr O’Doherty is not simply cashing in on a celebrity diagnosis to further his business interests and his statements are motivated by a genuine, if deluded, belief that he can help.

There is no evidence that energy healing works and we would advise Jack not to waste his money seeking the false hope and ultimate disappointment that seeking treatment from such “healers” brings.

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