Skeptic News: Black Magic Love

Two women have been arrested on suspicion of conning sparring spouses into handing over cash with a promise of solving their marital problems – using witchcraft.

An undercover sting in Abu Dhabi has resulted in two women being arrested for claiming to practice black magic the African duo,  a 36-year-old hairdresser and 50-year-old visitor, were charging Dhs50,000 in exchange for putting rocky relationships back on the right track.

Investigations by police revealed the suspects were

carrying out the alleged activities in a women’s hair salon and in their apartment in Abu Dhabi.

After arresting the duo, police searched the apartment and found various items that could be used for sorcery, including pieces of hair, coins, and riddles in the form of pyramids. Police officers said that they also found rolls of cotton wool and herbs allegedly used in witchcraft. The team also seized mobile phones from the two suspects.

Officers said that during initial investigations the suspects confessed to practicing witchcraft. As well as marriage problems the duo also allegedly claimed they could solve other family disputes.

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