Skeptic News: FDA, cops raid ayurveda unit

ALLAHABAD: A joint team of Indian FDA ( Food & Drug Administration) and Mutthiganj police, on Friday, raided an ayurvedic food supplement production unit.

350 syrup bottles were seized from the company on the basis of allegations they were not following norms regarding the production of  food supplement syrup like vitamin c and proteins.

The pharmaceutical unit was served improvement notice to ensure that the ingredients written on the wrapper of the syrups are available in it’s contents.

Alternative medicines and nutritional supplements produced in Asia can contain all manner of contaminants as well as being made from ingredients different from those claimed on the label.

This has been a concern with imports of Chinese Medicine for some time but it seems there may also be a problem in India, or indeed anywhere there is a demand for unproven treatments and therapies due to poor access to modern evidence based healthcare.

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  1. Jenny says:

    food supplements are really great because it can help you fight stress and other diseases like cancer. i am always taking daily multivitamins and antioxidants to maintain my health.

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