Skeptic News: Alive conference dead?

20120623-202153.jpgThe Alive conference in New York is in trouble after allegations of financial mismanagement.

Natural news, the alternative health site run by 21st Floor “favourite” Health Ranger Mike Adams has reported that over the last week the Alive conference has “imploded” with key speakers pulling out and allegations of financial mismanagement.

One of the speakers at the event Dr Leonard Coldwell has pulled out of the event giving the following reason on his Facebook page:

I and all my friends are pulling out of the Alive NY event based on the fact that they ( Anna and Josh Scurry) did not keep their promises and responsibilities to my dear friend the co-founder of Alive NY Liana Werner-Gray. They took her money and as I see it they screwed Liana over. All the people that I contacted are pulling out of the event. This is just for your information. Please support Liana she is really hurt by this betrayal and dishonesty. Liana site is Liana Ted Sun Love Dr C.

Adams has reported on a number of allegations of financial impropriety including $70,000 being spent on a party for 100 people and a large amount of money being spent on two months rent of a luxury apartment for organisers Joshua and Anna Scurry.

Adams further reports that several individuals involved with the conference have received libel threats from the organisers from speaking out. It seems that quacks are not above suing each other as well as their critics.

Co-organiser Lianna Werner-Gray has released a statement on her blog.

Alongside Dr Leonard Coldwell, who believes cancer is caused by stress and burnout, was due to speak alongside such luminaries of the natural health world as Dr Stanislaw Burzynski, Gabriel Cousens, Robert Young and Gary Null.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss “natural ways to reverse cancer”. Fans of evidence based medicine can perhaps be thankful that it has imploded and now may not go ahead.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Alive conference dead?

  1. Adams has done some further digging here:

    The irony of a conference for opportunist fraudsters who claim to cure cancer being run by opportunist fraudsters is delicious.

  2. Dan Buzzard says:

    I’m more surprised by the natural health kooks are complaining of fraud and corruption.

    Its like going to a Nazi rally and complaining about people making racist remarks. #GodwinFTW

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