Skeptic News: Meteorite fire just junk

In New Zealand a fire near Awakeri that was reported to have been caused by a meteorite was actually a rubbish fire.

Witnesses reported to Radio New Zealand that the small fire in a field appeared to be caused by a meteorite.

However the Edgecumbe  fire service  later revealed it was just a rubbish fire.

The topic caused Whakatane to trend on twitter and the article gives the following examples of tweets about the incident:

  • Sure, Whakatane, you may think it was a meteorite, but you watch for a previously-childless couple with a new baby. #TaneOfSteel
  • Today its “harmless meteorite in Whakatane”. Tomorrow it’ll be tripod war machines #amilliontoonetheysaid
  • IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO! IT’S A METEORITE! Oh, wait… its just a rubbish fire
  • Fire service in Whakatane mistook a rubbish fire for a meteorite. How did they get it so wrong?
  • Whaka yeah! Whakatane got hit with a meteorite…. wait it’s just a truck on fire …. because I Ki blasted the whaka.
  • Does the fire service normally assume a bush fire is the result of a galactic event and then downgrade it to a rubbish fire? #whakatane
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