Skeptics News: Celebrities backing homeopathy

A number of public figures in the UK have publicly given backing to campaign by the British Homeopathic association (BHA) to persuade politicians to allow the NHS to continue giving homeopathic remedies alongside actual medicine.

The campaign has been endorsed by UK Labour MP Peter Hain, actress Louise Jameson, David Bellamy, the environmentalist and former tennis professional Annabel Croft.

Croft claims that homeopathy has helped her through the menopause and assisted when her son was sick. She also claims to no longer treat them with antibiotics preferring instead to use homeopathy. While Professor Bellamy, currently a patron of the BHA, has also derided the theory of man made climate change as poppycock and believes that his position on global warming has harmed his ability to make TV programs with the BBC (despite these stopping in 1994 some ten years before his climate change pronouncements). Former Doctor Who assistant Lousie Jameson turned to homeopathy to treat depression.

Hain is reported as stating:

“My view is that homeopathy and conventional medicines must remain side by side under the NHS to offer the best to patients.”

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0 Responses to Skeptics News: Celebrities backing homeopathy

  1. Acleron says:

    I could try to make fun of a politician, an actress and a tennis player as authority figures but it wouldn’t be very good.

    Doesn’t matter, they demonstrate by their beliefs they are unable to understand either evidence or science in general or have been misled into believing that homeopathy is herbalism.

  2. It’s amazing how many people, at least pre-ten23 probably still actually, think that homeopathy is herbal medicine.

    When we did ten23 in Edinburgh people were amazed to find out how it worked. Almost everyone we told thought it was ridiculous when we told them about the dilution and shaking.

  3. Acleron says:

    I’ve had the same incredulous reaction from well educated people. A friend once told me I must be wrong because otherwise homeopaths and chemists wouldn’t be able to sell it.

    I’m also sure some homeopaths rely on this lack of knowledge of the actual contents of their nostrums. Ullman tried every trick in the book to prevent the wikipedia Homeopathy article clearly showing that their nostrums contain only water, sugar and if you are lucky, some ethanol.

  4. Guy Chapman says:

    It’s handy to have a list of MPs whose opinion on scientific matters is worthless. Not sure about tennis players, though.

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