Skeptic News: Black Magic Fraud

The Anti-Economic Crime Department of the Dubai Police has arrested two Africans who allegedly cheated people by offering that they could solve family problems through black magic.

The two were arrested in an undercover sting after a women reported to the police that medicine she had been given by the men, to solve disputes with her husband, had caused insomnia and pain.

An undercover officer approached the two suspects claiming that he was having “family problems” and seeking their assistance. The two men claimed that the cause of the problem was a talisman buried at his home and asked for Dh5,700 to solve the problem. The detective later met the men in a hotel room where they gave him a plastic bag containing some brown powder, white string and a small shell. The men asked the policeman to pay Dh1,000 more to buy two white sheep so that the magic would work.

When the men took the money they were arrested.

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