New Book by Paul Braterman, Out Now!

By Les Ogilvie

This week sees the release of “From Stars to Stalagmites”, the first popular science book by Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and occasional 21st Floor contributor Paul S. Braterman. In the book, Professor Braterman seeks to explain the history of chemistry – not just as a reflection on chemistry as a science, but also as a description of the chemical history of the universe. Along the way he will tackle subjects ranging from the formation of stars, through the chemistry of warfare, to the uncertainty of the quantum world. As anyone who has read Paul’s articles here at the 21st Floor will no doubt realise, this promises to be an excellent, informative, knowledgable and highly readable work.

We will provide a review of the book as soon as possible, but in the meantime here is some of the praise the book has already received:

“This highly readable book does an excellent job of explaining scientific concepts in plain language, and brilliantly connects social history with scientific history and concepts. Strongly recommended for readers of all backgrounds.”

Oscar Liu
Senior Principal Scientist, Merck

“It’s a terrific read and the idea of intertwining the facts of chemistry with the history and personalities of the scientists who discovered it works brilliantly.”

John Wiltshire
Systems Engineer
Nelson Gold Medallist for Creativity

“Your writings are a wonderful compilation of chemistry, history, and human endeavors. The chapter on Haber was superb! … This text is something that every chemist should read!”

Prof Diana Mason
Regional Director and Associated Chemistry Teachers of Texas
University of North Texas

“Getting to know of atoms and molecules and their motions was not easy — Braterman pulls us into the story of the people who got us that hard-won knowledge. A superb combination of history and scientific explanation!”

Roald Hoffmann
Nobel Laureate Chemist and Writer

“Using an historical approach, From Stars to Stalagmites teaches about science in an engaging and fun manner that should appeal to interested lay readers and professionals alike.”

Richard Hirsh
Professor of History of Technology
Virginia Tech

The book is available to order now from publishers Word Scientific and is also available to order at Amazon.

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