Skeptic News: Australian homeopaths divided on vaccination

Naturopath Angela Duncan said there is a divide within the industry over the effectiveness of homepathic immunisation.

Mrs Duncan promotes convention vaccination and says that there is no evidence to say that homeopathic immunisations are safe or effective but homeopaths like Yvette McRae say that homeopathic immunisation is more effective then modern medicine and is harmless. Yvette McRae says that she has homepathically immunised four people.

The Australian Homeopathic Association policy does not officially recommend homeopathic vaccination but Mrs Duncan does sanction the use of homeopathy to “prepare” children for vaccinations. Duncan says that using a homeopathic preparation of a vaccine can reduce the chances of an adverse reaction.

The divide in Australian homeopathy has become apparent after the introduction of exclusion policies in childcare centres for unvaccinated children. Children who have not been vaccinated can attend childcare centres but if there is an outbreak of a vaccinated disease these children are separated from the vaccinated.

Ms McRae said the exclusion policy was not appropriate, stating:

“The immune system of a child who is homeopathically vaccinated is so much stronger than those that aren’t”

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  1. What IS homoeopathic vaccination? I thought homoeopathy didn’t recognise the germ theory of disease (a century or so too recent for them), on which vaccination depends.

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