Skeptic News: Court finds Cancer Clinics claims misled

The Victorian Court of Appeal in Australia has found that a clinic that claims it can cure cancer misled and deceived consumers, 

Operation Smile  (not to be confused with the legitimate Operation Smile charity) describes itself as a complementary medicine centre specialising in the treatment of cancer through photo dynamic therapy, oxygen therapies and high-dose intravenous Vitamin C at its Hope Clinic. Pictured left is Professor N. Campbell FACNEM, Fellow Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, the charity head.

Australian Consumer Affairs based in Victoria took the company to the Supreme Court, alleging its statements falsely represented its treatments as effective in treating cancer and that it claimed to have scientific support. The judge ruled that this was the case and that operation smile did not have the support of science the ruling states:

The Victorian Court of Appeal has found that the operators of ‘The Hope Clinic’, a purported complementary medicine centre, misled and deceived terminally ill cancer sufferers into believing its controversial methods could slow, stop or reverse the progress of cancer, and that the treatments offered at the Clinic had scientific support.

The Judge however ruled that those visiting the website would read the claims in context and that they were not therefore misleading or deceptive. The director of Consumer Affairs challenged the trial judge’s findings and the Court of Appeal today returned a judgment in the director’s favour.

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