Skeptic News: Perpetual motion

In Norwich, England, a Psychic is on trial for engaging in a high speed pursuit with police.

Perpetual Okotete, who claimed she could bring the dead back to life for £10,000, jumped red lights, drove in bus lanes and sped along the wrong side of the road, forcing cars to swerve out of her path.

Perpetual apologised in court for any wrong doing and claims that on the day of the pursuit she was being followed. Okotetes’ claimed she could cure cancer for £250, HIV for £50, and bring people who had died within the week back to life for £10,000. At the bargin price of £10m she claimed she could cure everyone in Britain of their illnesses. Her defence stated that:

“She maintains she is a qualified healer with powers derived from God.”

Police officers started pursuing her after she overtook another car but she managed to evade them, even after they broke her car window with a baton, until she finally stopped to park outside the local police station.

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