Skeptic News: The death of Faith

A church group in Cherokee county Texas is mourning the death of a three day old baby after turning to prayer rather than medicine.

Faith was born apparently normally at home but there were some alarming symptoms her hands and her feet were blue. Blue hands and feet can be normal shortly after birth but indicative of a heart defect in others. Though it is not clear what they signified in baby Faiths case as the church group failed to rush her to a hospital to find out.

The group took instruction from the bible and prayed for Faith to be saved. Tragically she died.

A childs death, no matter what the reasons, is always a tragedy but were it not for the church groups misplaced faith in prayer over modern medicine it is possible Faith might have survived. Perhaps faith groups should accept less literal versions of the bible and accept that sometimes “God” heals through physicians and health services.

Investigators have learned the child might have been born in distress and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department is working with Child Protective Services on the investigation.

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  1. lost says:

    Three year old baby? The rest of the article makes it sound like the baby was a newborn… Do you mean three-day-old?

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