Skeptic News: South Korean Creationists campaign to change textbooks

In South Korea there are worries that anti-evolution sentiment seems to be winning its battle with mainstream science.

A campaign by the Society for Textbook Revise (STR), an organisation that aims to remove the “error” of evolution from textbooks to “correct” childrens view of the world petitioned the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) to remove references to evolution from textbooks.

The Ministry revealed that many of the publishers would produce revised editions that exclude examples of the evolution of the horse or of avian ancestor Archaeopteryx. Biologists, who were not consulted by the change when the petition was forwarded to publishers, are shocked and horrified by the decision.

On the Nature website  Dayk Jang, an evolutionary scientist at Seoul National University stated:

 “The ministry just sent the petition out to the publishing companies and let them judge,”

The STR is also campaigning to have references to human evolution removed and Darwins classic finding on species variation in Galapagos finches. The STR is an independent offshoot of the Korea Association for Creation Research (KACR) which claims to be behind a rise in creation “science” in Korea.

They seek to provide evidence in support of the creation myth described in the Book of Genesis however Dayk Jang is attempting to counter their campaign of disinformation by recruiting high profile scientists to take part in a counter campaign.

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