Skeptic News: A right pain in the back…

One homeowner was shocked to learn a chiropractic clinic had laid claims to her property, even though she didn’t owe them any money.

In Arkansas, US,  Deborah Roush got into a car accident, which she admits was her fault, was told by the police officer on the scene there were no injuries and claimed on her insurance to repair her vehicle. It wasn’t until later that she discovered that Central Arkansas Chiropractic had filed four liens (liens are a legal claim on an individuals property due to unpaid debts and can impact background checks and the sale of your home) to her Maumelle home.

After looking more into it, she learned the four people who’d been victims in the crash had each gone once to see a chiropractor who three business days later had placed the liens on her home for non-payment. But even though she states that her insurance company did pay-out in a timely fashion, the liens stayed.

The Pulaski County Clerk’s offices, where the liens were filed, says they’ll accept the placement of a lien from any medical facility, if the filing fee has been paid and if the document signed off by a notary public.They don’t check the facts of the case, they don’t even verify the legitimacy of the medical company.

The practice is not illegal but is not considered to be entirely ethical. Central Arkansas Chiropractic has filed dozens of such liens after offering people involved in an accident free treatments.

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