Skeptic News: Anti-vaxx Africa

Religious sects in Tororo, Kapchorwa and Buvuma districts of Uganda dissuaded parents from taking their children for immunization during a countrywide exercise against polio and measles.

A total of 15 children missed being vaccinated as they fled to Kenya with their family who belong to a religious sect called Apostles of the Moon. The Apostles of the moon discourages its believers from seeking medical attention whenever they get ill and restrains them from taking children for immunization. In Paya sub-county, three families with more than 20 children below five years had attempted to flee but security authorities swung into action and intercepted them.

Simon Wozei is a leader of a sect called Enjiri with about 2000 followers in four sub-counties, according to the deputy resident district commissioner, James Musoba. Musoba said that about 6,000 children from households in the named sub-counties could have missed immunization.

Authorities are planning to raid the sect so vaccinations can take place.  In the three sub-counties of Buhemba, Mutumba and Buswale there was the highest turnout which was likely due to them being hit by a measles outbreak early this year that claimed the lives of ten children.

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