Skeptic News: 5 year old dies after homeopaths injection

In Chennai, India the parents of a five year old child are pressing for prosecution after a homeopath gave them an injection.

Two injections were given to treat indigestion and vomiting, one of Rantac (0.5ml) and another of Emeset (0.5ml), the practitioner, Dr Hameed, who has a qualification in “electro-homeopathy” claims he instructed the family to take the child to the hospital immediately but they delayed.

Tragically the child was taken to the government hospital in Ponneri, where she was declared ‘brought dead’.

Dr Hammed claims that the injections were ordered by a qualified doctor:

“I work under a qualified MBBS doctor. It was she who prescribed these injections. I had to give them as a first aid measure. The child was extremely dehydrated and I asked the family to rush the child to a bigger hospital, but they delayed,”

The family claim negligence as the injection was administered by an unqualified homeopath.

Whether the case proceeds depends on the result of a post mortem due to take place shortly and it is still unclear if the homeopath was negligent but this case highlights the problems inherent in allowing non-qualified “naturopaths” to administer medicines with no formal medical training or experience.

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  1. The issue here is not homoeopathic pseudo-medicine as such (the injections were all too real), but the broader issue in India of the provision of medical care among the poor and uneducated, and the use of misleading or baseless qualifications, which in this case happened to be in homoeopathy.

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