Skeptic News: Exorcism death blamed on Goblins

In Nhlupho, located in the Kezi district of Zimbabwe, a young girls death has been blamed on Goblins.

The Grade Seven pupil died under mysterious circumstances where a recent goblin exorcism ceremony resulted in the village head, Moffat Ncube, committing suicide. 81 Year old Ncube is alleged to have committed suicide after being accused of responsibility for a number of “supernatural occurrences”  by goblin hunters. The Goblin hunters claimed he was responsible for goblins sexually abusing teachers at the Nhlupho Primary and Secondary schools.

The girl died after reporting that she felt something eating at her left thigh a villigar is reported as stating:

“”She was perfectly healthy and only had a boil on her right leg. However, on Sunday she started screaming saying something was burrowing into her left thigh and causing unbearable pain. We think it is those goblins because no one could see anything,”

The villagers now believe that the goblins are feeding on human flesh as their owner is no longer able to feed them. Fear of goblins is driving distrust within the village and some fear it will end in bloodshed if someone does not intervene:

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