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  1. Great idea.

    Can I also recommend waving this under the noses of Research Communications Officers at AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities) charities and other patient groups.

    Even if they have a different job title most medical research funding charities will have someone who translates the charity’s own ‘science into English’ and some of them are also involving patients directly in this – see the Patients Particpate! project. Patient groups also write articles putting their research (and others’ research) in context, and use this in fundraising too.

    Simon Denegri Chair of INVOLVE is probably also a good person to wave this at – his group is more involved in getting patients involved IN research (ie as trial participants) but it is all part of the same thing I suppose.

    See also ALS Untangled which is a group of scientists that research an unproven therapy and provide information to patients who have ALS (and carers).

    Taking another tack – many people will first discover some health research information from the news media. Allowing for the possibility of errors to creep in here it may be worth also linking to Bazian’s work on NHS Choice’s Behind the Headlines – it’s all very well having a clear lay summary but if people have already got the wrong end of the stick from reading something in a news report then there may be ‘damage’ that needs to be undone too.

    I’ve collected a few links to these resources here http://communicatingtrickytopics.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/opening-up-the-literature-some-resources/ which was in preparation for a panel I was on a couple of weeks ago at the Science Communication Conference, on Communicating Tricky Topics.

    I will mention this post to the LinkedIn group I run for charity science communicators working in medical research charities too [http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Science-communicators-in-medical-research-3735261?gid=3735261&trk=hb_side_g], and link back to the blog mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Plus, this needs a hashtag 😉


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