Skeptic News: Fake TCM raid

Malaysian authorities have raided a “fake” traditional Chinese medicine warehouse.

The largest “fake” TCM ring in Malaysia (which was also implicated in supplying Singapore) has been dealt a huge blow as  officers from the pharmaceutical services division of Subang Jaya raided a warehouse last week.

During the raid, the ministry found over 100 boxes of more than 50 different “medicines”, worth more than $460,000 these had their ingredients and components listed on their packaging, but were believed to be fake. The claims associated with these  “medicines” included those that claimed to be for flu, cough, rheumatism and others, but not only are TCM remedies ineffective, they can also cause poisoning.

Recent health alerts in Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong over adulterated Traditional Chinese Medicines have underscored this point.

Not only does the majority of Traditional Chinese Medicine appear to be ineffective it also seems that it may be adulterated with chemicals and pharmaceuticals that could unwittingly cause harm to individuals.

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