Skeptic News: Reflexology and immoral behaviour?

In Sri Damansara, a major town in Malaysia, six women from two reflexology centres have been detained for “immoral behaviour“.

The women all aged between 18 and 24, one from Thailand and the rest from Vietnam, and the owners of the centres we’re arrested after raids by the Selangor Police Contingent Headquarters Anti-secret Society, Gambling and Vice division. Chief ASP Adzli Abu Shah said:

“The centres doubled up as prostitution centres and offered reflexology plus sex services for a package priced at RM168,”

According to reports the centres had turned to prostitution in the last three months after operating with a valid license for the past three years.

Reflexology has been used as a front for the sex industry in the past and in Miri, northern Sarawak, Malaysia in 2009  three female overseas workers alleged that the owner of a reflexology centre in Bohpal had forced them to take drugs and have sex with clients.

The women entered Malaysia as “tourists” having been assured that they could work there but on arrival the owner of the reflexology centre did not process their working permits.

In another case in Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi in May 2010 15 female foreign workers were detained following a raid at a traditional reflexology centre and it was believed that at least eight had been trafficked. and forced into prostitution.

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