Skeptic News: Jobs for the quacks

The University of Westminster is recruiting a professor of acupunture.

The University has attracted criticism and controversy in the past for offering degrees in homeopathy. Which has lead figures such as Prof. David Colquhuon to comment that they are offering science degrees without the science.

The university has Department of Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Therapy and the Department of Chinese and Complementary Therapies, both of which were based in the School of Life Sciences and have offered courses in alternative medicine, and naturopathy.

The professorship in acupunture would be based in the EASTmedicine (East Asian Sciences & Traditions in Medicine) Research Centre. Which is described in the advert as:

“a unique interdisciplinary centre established to understand the development of East Asian medicines in relation to distinctive context of practice and to facilitate their integration into modern health care system.”

It is a concern that the position is. It concerned with establishing the efficacy of the treatment yet it’s role I defined as integrating unevidenced traditional practices into modern evidence based health care.

The salary is 56-72k and only those who are able to demonstrate income generation abilities need apply…

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