Skeptic News: Internet DIY Abortion Myth Kills Mother of Five

By Lee Christie

Following the advice of Internet rumor, Catherine Furey (38) of Manchester died from drinking vinegar in an attempt to terminate her pregnancy. Mrs. Fury was a mother of five and did not wish to have another child. Causing further heartache for the family, her sister-in-law Dawn Chadwick was charged with manslaughter for providing the vinegar bottle. The family said they do not blame her for Mrs. Furey’s death.

Natika H Halilfrom from the Family Planning Association commented:

“We know there are many myths and misinformation about abortion on the internet. […] It’s so important to use trusted sources to gain accurate information on how to access abortion services.” (Mirror, 22nd May)

The Food Standards Agency warned:

“Drinking vinegar, even in large quantities, is unlikely to have an effect as vinegar is a dilute solution, usually 5% acetic acid. […] However, when acetic acid is ingested in high concentrations it can be harmful as it is corrosive. We are aware of previous fatalities.” (Mirror, 22nd May)

Mr. Furey’s death has become a tragic anecdote of what can happen when women do not have easy access to safe abortion, and serves as a warning for others to be careful which information sources to trust with your health.


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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Internet DIY Abortion Myth Kills Mother of Five

  1. Lee Christie says:

    I didn’t find this link until just now, but I think it’s an important commentary:

    When abortion is free and legal why does a woman do it at home and die?

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