The Sound Bath

By Heather Doran

Lush Spa (of Lush Cosmetics) have launched a brand new spa treatment, called ‘The Sound Bath‘, that veers off into the crazy land of tuning forks, chakras and ear candles.

“The Lush Soundbath treatment is completely and utterly unique. After being welcomed into the cosy English country kitchen of the Spa, you are greeted by your therapist and sat down at the rustic kitchen table, in front of a tiny wooden box. Lift the lid on this intriguing chest and let the smoke billow out to reveal a miniature, mossy garden.”

The treatment starts with a meeting with a ‘therapist’ (it doesn’t detail what will be discussed in the meeting). You are then given a vial of unidentified liquid and a magic mushroom… Lush Spa then invites you to ‘fall down the rabbit hole and feel tranquil calm wash over you’.

“Just like Alice in Wonderland, you drink the vial of liquid and eat the magic mushroom. From that moment on, you fall down the rabbit hole and feel the deepest, most tranquil calm wash over you. Laid down (fully clothed!) on the massage bed in your personal treatment room, inhaling the meditative and uplifting Breath of God incense, you enjoy an intensely relaxing facial with cold and hot stones, ear candles and a soothing yet stimulating scalp massage.”

Now it gets really crazy.

Your nostrils are subjected to the ‘meditative and uplifting Breath of God incense’. I’m not sure what God’s breath smells like, but I hope he/her has heard of smints.

A facial using hot and cold stones, and a head massage is given.

They then introduce ear candles to the treatment. Just a note about these – they are illegal in Canada, and described as ‘ineffective and risky’ by the FDA.

Tuning forks are applied to ‘chakras’.

“Our tuning forks fill your ears with tuneful vibrations and are used to balance and fill you with energy. The beautiful music, written by Simon Emmerson and The Imagined Village, coupled with the hum of the tuning forks fills your ears and helps clear your mind of all the chatter, allowing you to listen to your own inner voice. It is an incredibly nurturing, comforting, almost regressive experience.”

The whole treatment is designed to leave you feeling, ‘relaxed, balanced, with sharper hearing and greater mental clarity’. I’m not sure how they can claim sharper hearing, when there is no evidence to support that ear candles have any medical benefit.

They also offer other treatments to balance auras.

Now I know they aren’t offering a treatment for diseases here (at least I hope that isn’t what the ‘therapist’ offers). It is a relaxation exercise, but I think the fact that they use fake healing techniques and ear candles that have been labelled as potentially dangerous is irresponsible.

I tweeted them about the treatments and asked them why they are choosing to use ear candles, but I didn’t get a response.

I came across this treatment after a feature in this the April edition of UK Elle Magazine.

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